How to register on the site 1xBet?

1xBet Bonus 130 euro

Let's start with this! The first thing you need to do if you want to play casino 1XBET is visit your site. and create an account. This site can be accessed from your mobile phone, tablet PCs. Steps you must follow to register is very simple. Here's what to do:

Welcome Bonus

Open the homepage of the casino opening 1XBET following link:

Find Record button. Located at the top of the page, the right corner, above the main menu.

Click it and you will be (complicated) registration page 1XBET.

You will see that there are many recording options: one click, telephone, e-mail or use your account. social networking.

Using Option One Click, you immediately register and receive your information directly. connection. You can send your information. at your. e-mail or save them on your computer in a file or image.

1xBet Romania

To use this option Phone, You must fill in the blanks with your number. telephone. A message with the registration details will be sent to your number. telephone.

To use this option Email, You must complete a free column with some basic personal information, such as name, first name, phone number and e-mail. A message with a link to the activation will be sent to your e-mail. You have 72 hours to confirm your registration.

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To use social networks and messengers, must share and use profile data. Future, you can go directly on the site through your account. social network or use ID and password.

If you have a coupon code, enter the code in the appropriate field to receive a bonus and to make the most out of your site.

casino 1xBet

It is recommended to choose a password that contains letters and numbers and other characters. Password should be unique, you can not use another account and catchy. Might you feel clear, but security is the most important. Of course you do not want to be hacked by a hacker!

Once you have completed all of these steps, send and enter your account information!

TArmenian şi Condit bonus 1xbet

All online casinos have a number of terms and conditions to be met to get a bonus. Prizes or money does not come without conditions, although it seems at first sight. It is therefore important to carefully read the provisions and see if they are suitable for you. In this way, you choose the best offer from 1XBET.

1xBet Bonus 130 euro

But 1XBET should not worry. Everything here is quite simple and clear, and the terms and conditions will not be deaf as a player. E.g, for the first deposit bonus, must run 5 times the bonus amount of cumulative bet. Each bet must contain cumulative 3 or more events.

At least 3 events must have greater opportunities than 1.4. Only by respecting these conditions, You can withdraw money earned from this bonus. Instead, gains through free rounds must not bet. They will be credited to your account. and you can withdraw at any time.

There are several things to be said for a bonus 1XBET, but it is best to check these terms and conditions. Bonus section you will find everything. On the page dedicated to each bonus, you can read the detailed mechanisms of participation, and terms and conditions.


Is it legal to play on 1XBET?

1xBet site

1XBET is one of the leading betting and gaming operators licensed in Romania. 1XBET is a reliable website that takes into account the interests of players and offers a simple payment method. This is a growing company with over 400.000 users online. Thus, You do not have to worry about the legal nature of this site.

How is the place bet?

Bets can be placed after registering on the site. after registration, You must have a positive balance in your account. You can make a deposit into your account using electronic payment option. After entering account, all you have to do is choose sports and events. Select bet type Bet, and place bet.

What betting gives 1XBET?

1xBet Bonus 130 euro

1XBET offers many options compared to other bookmakers and gambling houses in Romania. You can play singles, cumulative, system or chains here. For some events, 1XBET offers additional bets. You can bet on a variety of sports and can, also, do DIRECT.

Quality platform 1XBET


1XBET has a wide selection of events and sports. Increasingly more players will require to find something here. 1XBET card game includes more than 1.000 Daily Event. Players can choose from a variety of sports: basket-ball, tennis, football, golf, box, volley-ball, hockey, handball, American Football, table tennis, baseball, biatlon, troops and Australian football. Furthermore, You can bet on Formula 1, cycling, snooker, cricket, Ski jumps, water polo, inline hockey and floor ball.

Cod Promotional 130 euro


1XBET is a site that offers new experiences for players in Romania, It has a different interface to other sites gambling. The first to see, It seems to be difficult to use, but you get used quickly explore page menu. The menu can be adjusted, even with function autohidrare. You can choose to display information according to your needs.

On the right side of the page, You have a menu that lets you choose peculiarities page: European or Asian appearance interface, Odds format, how displaying dimensions, font size or background. Also, you have other options, such as language changes, but we recommend that you enter the website and to explore alone.

casino 1xBet


Compared to other sites gambling, 1XBET gives a fair chance. Actually, I said before that offers the best opportunities on the Romanian market. We suggest you check your own. You will be surprised by the potential gains you play the 1XBET.

customer service

1XBET has good service for customer relations. Each client wishing to place a bet is treated individually. You will feel familiar here, and those working on the platform are very professional and friendly. The platform itself is built for your attention and gives you the ability to adjust it as desired.

1xbet Mobile

1XBET mobile


And here I was surprised 1XBET. You can download the Android and iOS app. This application helps you bet simpler and easier. Furthermore, those from 1XBET seem to have thought of everything. Also, You can download a special browser that allows you to easily access your favorite sites and provides secure access to the site 1XBET. This browser is easy to use for beginners and advanced players.

1xbet Mobile

Version mobile site 1xBet

The mobile version of the site works well and can be used on any mobile device. The mobile version is easy to use.

banking options


We enjoyed many things 1XBET far. And various payment options are among them! 1XBET offers a wide variety of deposit methods. You can use a bank card, electronic wallet, Bank transfer, criptomonas, e-voucher and other deposit methods.

Also, You can make payments by mobile phone, You can pay cash or you can fund your account in one of the bets 1XBET. Also, We accept payments by Webmoney, Neteller, Qiwi and others. All deposit methods have different limits for the smallest and largest deposits they can do with their. This information is structured on their website and you can go there to check everything.

1xBet Customer Support

1XBET offers phone support 24 hour customer. so, whatever time, If you have a problem, you'll professionalism 1XBET. Also, you can contact them online using Direct Chat option or fill out the form in section Contacts. Or, please contact 1XBET and e-mail.

1XBET: most varied bookmaker in Romania

Increasingly more people are interested in sports betting. Gambling market has grown rapidly and is becoming more accessible. 1XBET different bookmakers and other gambling in various sports, bonuses and promotional offers offered to players.

1xBet Bonus 130 euro

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